5 Advantages of Implementing a CRM in Your Company

Human capital is the most important asset of any company. First, you need to have employees and then customers are key to grow a business. How can you successfully manage business-client relationships and provide a customer service that makes them feel unique and heard?

A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a computer software that manages and automates the relationship with customers, facilitates a professional service and creates newopportunities for the development of commercial strategies.

The creation of a CRM within your company has many advantages if we manage to adapt it to the day to day. Information is power, therefore, maintaining an organised, updated and connected database will give you greater opportunities to increase your sales, manage your business and conquer new markets.

The power of CRM solutions is important for both streamlining decision making and optimising the business process.

A customer-centric strategy gives us clear hints that help us act with certainty, as it records all interactions between the customer and our team over time. These reports are just a click away through CRM systems.

Advantages of having a good CRM in your company:

1. Access to information:

One of the great benefits of implementing a CRM in companies is that it allows you to have access to all your customer information and segment it according to your needs.

By working with an optimised and updated database, we will have total knowledge of the behaviour of our buyers, and we will be able to record the interactions that take place between us as a business and the user.

This means control in our planning to establish future strategies, whether for advocacy, cross-selling, upselling, retargeting, among others.

2. Greater knowledge of the customer:

CRM software is the most effective in terms of customer relationship management, as you will be able to analyse customer behaviour in detail.

It anticipates, based on previously obtained data, and analyses what their purchasing needs are and how they execute them.

You will possess one of the greatest advantages of a CRM, which will be information, which is an added value for both the buying and selling process.

3. Task automation:

This is a service focused on the optimisation of human resources, which translates into higher productivity.

One of the greatest advantages of a CRM is that it makes it possible to automate repetitive tasks in different departments, such as administration, sales, marketing, HR, etc.

Besides, it manages to generate a multidirectional and constantly updated work system, to which all the company's workers will have access.

4. Improved conversion:

One of the main benefits of a CRM is the increase in the conversion rate, as is the case with e-commerce.

All tasks aim to make the buying process quick and easy for the user. In this way, they make sure that they will come back in the future.

Thanks to a CRM we can improve our communication campaigns towards the end customer and help them, in an indirect way, with the purchasing process.

5. Improve customer service:

If our support team receives an incident from one of our customers, they will see the benefits of CRM directly reflected.

Since they will have access to all the customer's information from a single platform, the customer service process will be more agile for both parties.

The same happens if we have it implemented in a way that allows us to optimise the entire process, both pre-sales, sales, and post-sales. If the customer gets a good experience from us in the different stages of the purchase, they will become loyal customers.

At IVC we structure and execute the demand generation and sales processes, increasing the efficiency of the sales team.

We outsource the acquisition of new clients, complementing or replacing your sales team (in part or in the entire sales process) with advanced Target Account Selling, Inside Sales and Consultative Selling methodologies. We control and monitor the performance of the commercial area to ensure the predictability of the revenue streams that feed your new venture.

If you want to strategically build a database for the development of your company's sales team this new year, we can help you!

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