The Private Equity Boom in Spain

Private equity in Spain is booming and looks set to continue to do so in the coming years.

In 2021, the sector achieved its second highest investment figure in history, with a total of 7,572 million euros (according to SpainCap data), which is 21% more than the previous year. These figures show that there is still plenty of talent and business opportunities in Spain.

This trend is narrowing the existing gap with other European countries and bringing us closer to the US, the father of this alternative investment mode.

The boom is, among other factors, due to a change in the perception of this investment alternative and a focus on the benefits it brings, among others:

  • Internationalisation

  • Diversification of the investment as it is decorrelated to traditional assets

  • Greater stability in a complicated economic cycle with high market volatility

  • High returns

  • A way of investing in companies and creating a positive impact on the economy

With regard to positive economic impact, not only through investment in new ideas or growth companies but also in SUSTAINABILITY.

In an era in which the planet matters and in which the continuous search for alternative energies is a priority, private capital in its two forms (Venture Capital and Private Equity) offers the necessary tools and means to support companies seeking planet-friendly energy development.

All this under a single regulatory framework at European level which grants a European "passport" that allows managers to open doors to new worlds:

  • European fund marketing focused on professional investors

  • Cross-border management. Thanks to this passport, Spanish fund managers can manage Italian, French, etc. funds without changing their location or legal aspects

So let's keep our focus on this exciting and evolving sector that generates great investment opportunities and allows us to learn from an industry that is constantly changing.

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