Why Is Video Marketing Necessary to Achieve Global Success?

54% of individuals surveyed in 2018 said that they want the brands and companies that they support to produce more video content (as reported by HubSpot). With the Internet constantly changing, it is no surprise that the way companies market to their audience online is also changing. One of the most significant areas of change as of late is video marketing. A few short years ago, marketing professionals could have successful social posts with just text, or text and an image. However, within the last two years, this has shifted completely. The most successful businesses are now using video content to reach more people, and convert added sales. Explore some of the reasons that video marketing is now necessary for your company to achieve global success.

Video marketing can be optimised to reach larger audiences

Several years ago, most new and experienced marketing professionals only thought about websites alone when talking about search engine optimisation (SEO). In addition to Google, you can now use SEO practices with your videos on YouTube. Rather than posting a video, and simply hoping that someone will one day watch it, your company’s marketing professionals can now take steps to get it is front of as many viewers as possible. This strategy includes a skillful use of keywords, metadeta, and video sitemaps. Additionally, paid video marketing is also helping companies from all industries get seen around the world. In a 2018 survey by Animoto, 88% of those who used this type of marketing said that they were satisfied with the ROI.

Businesses that use video marketing reach more people

As of 2019, 87% of marketing professionals say that they are now using video as part of their marketing strategy (as reported by Wyzowl). Why? Not only do consumers say that videos are their favourite type of content from brands, but the viewing of mobile videos has risen 100% every year (as reported by Insivia). This same source reports that “social video generates 1200% more shares than text and images combined,” and that “92% of mobile video consumers share videos with others.” What does this all mean? If your company is not using video as part of your online marketing strategy, you are missing out. Because videos (including brand marketing content) are so frequently being shared by so many people around the globe, this medium allows you to affordably reach more global customers/potential customers than ever before.

The future of the internet is video

For those who think that video marketing may just be another trend, think again. Cisco recently released a report forecasting the sharp rise of video consumption. By the end of 2019, online videos are projected to account for 80% of global internet traffic. This report, along with the many others showing major increases in online video consumption, make it clear that video marketing is not a trend. People from all parts of the world enjoy engaging with videos, including the videos that are produced by brands.

If you’ve not yet made video part of your marketing strategy, it is crucial to do so immediately. For organisations that are looking to have global reach, video marketing is one of the most effective and affordable ways of achieving your goals.

Author: Katlyn Eriksen

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